LED照明の販売提案を行っています。 弊社の強みは技術的視点からの商品選定、お客様からの要望にマッチングするよう提案します。



  • お客様に合わせたプランニング設計
  • 照度計算によるシュミレーション
  • 導入時の経済計算(イニシャルコストからランニングコスト、償却年数の算出 ・現地での照度測)
  • 国産メーカー(日本製)から海外メーカーまで幅広い商品選定により、ユーザーの要望にマッチングします。
  • 海外LEDメーカーの日本販売支援/サポート
  • LED照明の共同開発 ・企業様の新規事業立ち上げ支援(LED照明販売)及び営業フォロー
  • LED照明の照度計測及び照度シミュレーションサービス

Sale proposal of LED lighting

Sells proposal of LED lighting. Our strength lies in product selection from the technical point of view, we propose to match the needs of our customers.


In the center of the mainly for industry, mercury lamp alternative and outdoor support (IP), revolves around such as a fluorescent lamp, and provides domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers to suit your needs.

Overseas LED lighting manufacturers want to sell in Japan, please contact us. Expand as partners. However, the Company rather than to sell in the source of imports, and the partners in order to expand sales in Japan

  • Customers in the combined planning design
  • Simulation by illuminance calculation
  • Economic calculations (running cost from the initial cost at the time of introduction, measuring illuminance in the calculation and local amortization period)
  • The wide range of products selected from a domestic manufacturer (made in Japan) to overseas manufacturers, will match the user’s needs.
  • Overseas LED manufacturers of Japan sales support / Support
  • New business start-up support of joint development and business-like LED lighting (LED lighting sales) and sales follow-up
  • Illuminance measurement and illumination simulation service of LED lighting




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